Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 - Donna's Earrings and Wisdom from Betty Ming Liu

Betty wrote a blog on Amy Chau's memoir. You can find it at I only watch Asian shows, I can see why Betty wrote her blog. Granted my family was raised strict by American standards but not even close to as strict as most Chinese parents raise their children. Korean parents are right in there with the Chinese standards. Have you ever looked at Asian actors and their bios? It's terrible to stereotype but I think everyone of them can sing, dance, play multiple instruments, etc. They're amazing. I've had YouTube videos of Asian children who blow my mind away with their behavior and talent. I also know how scary it is to look at some of these kids. Did they have a childhood? Did they get to learn by trial and error? There's so many questions. When you look at Amy Chau and her daughters, I know what I saw and it was probably the same thing Betty saw. It was a picture of perfectionism that in actuality was far from perfect. There is no such thing as any of us being perfect and those who strive for perfectionism usually need a lot of help, whether they know it or not. Being a perfectionist myself, I've learned that it's not all what its cracked up to be. I'd rather make a mistake and learn by it than never to make a mistake.

The earrings I wore today were Donna's earrings. They're a simple but beautiful pair of earrings. It's hard to see but the earrings are accented with gold.

Had some great news today. I get the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day off. The plan is to spend that weekend with my brother and his wife. I'm counting the days but most of all, I'm counting my blessings.

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