Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13 - 3-D Earrings??? and Starbucks is OK in my book

Here's another pair of mismatched earrings that seem to go well together. The earring on the right has a leaf in front of the lobe and another behind the lobe. I got the leaf earring at an estate sale a long time ago. Kind of partial to earrings that have a "nature" theme. Of course, one had to get lost somewhere. My jewelry is stored in an armoire along with a jewelry box. The jewelry box, if memory serves me right, was Donna's jewelry box. It's a beautiful addition to my armoire. I  like to have the earrings displayed so that I can easily pick out a pair to wear. Only thing is that now the number of earrings has grown so much, I need to take all of the earrings out and sort them. OCD kicking in. If you notice the two things pointing above my hand, you'll probably recognize Bobbi's ears. Twice I had to take the photo and both times she had to run to be in it. Silly cat. Wonder if she did that deliberately.

Cool video of a tornado and rainbow. I didn't watch it to the end but watched most of it. Quite a sight!

Update on the police officer suing Starbucks - Starbucks does not have to pay him. Now in support of Starbucks, I will have to go and buy a cup of coffee. Glad the jurors ruled the way they did. Also, according to the story on the following site, the officer went home to take photos before going to ER. Hmmm, he said he did it to prove to work that he was injured. Do you think that his commanding officer would have required a photo for proof that he got burnt? I think him just going to the ER would have sufficed.

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