Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20 - Chains

Donna had several pairs of earrings made of chains. I like earrings like that because they're more dimensional than regular earrings that have only a "front". One other thing I like is when earrings go from one piercing to another on the same lobe. There's some really cool earrings that are called ear cuffs that highlight more of you ear than just the piercing. I'm not talking about the simple ear cuff but very decorative earrings. You can find some at The dragon ear cuff is probably the one I saw the very first time I had seen this type of earring. There's a few favorites at the site above but I'll never own them because of the price. Oh well.

Today's chain earrings

Cute video of duckling watching a kid work his yoyo. The kid is really good at it and I was just as mesmerized as the ducklings.

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