Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4 - Pendulum

For some reason tonight I started thinking of Elvis Presley. Then I started to think of his hip action and his swinging legs. It reminded me of a city I know where Elvis was going to play but they wouldn't let him play. Guess he was too over the top for them. Still wish that I could have seen Elvis live. Donna loved Elvis too. He was a topic of discussion many times. When he died, it was a sad time for both of us. For years I thought Elvis was still alive. Even though I didn't read those Hollywood magazines that showed photos of him, I felt in my heart that he was still alive. Didn't realize that it was his music, his love of music, and himself that stayed alive in me, likewise in many other people too. Here's one of the my favorite Elvis songs and scene it's "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

From there, I went looking for pendulums (Elvis's legs moving) and found a site that I wrote about before. It was a pendulum swinging. Still like it. That lead me to another site and in honor of Star Wars here is this: Towards the bottom, inquiring minds will want to read about Star Wars and some of the scenarios such as R22 flying, etc.

Ended up at an IBM site on the world becoming smarter. However, as smart as we are, we can't get along. Is this (the world becoming smarter) an oxymoron? We've come so far and yet when it comes to relationships we falter.

Today's earrings - I just realized why I thought of pendulums and when you see my earrings, you'll know why.

These were swinging on my ears all day today. All I needed was Elvis.

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