Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12 - Under the weather

Yep, I'm under the weather today and yet, some earrings ended up on my ears. Looked up the origin of under the weather and found a couple of different ones. One is when passengers on a ship would get sick, they would go under the deck and be "under the weather." Another was that it's not really under the weather but under the weather bow. According to, weather bow is "the side upon which all the rottenweather is blowing." My favorite comes from According to UrbanDictionary, when sailors got ill, their names were listed in columns. When the list got too long, their names continued in the column where the weather conditions were written. Therefore, they were under the weather.

Today's earrings are kind of different. Had them for many years and they will definitely show my "fun" side.

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