Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18 - Took photo and fell fast asleep

Today is the 19th. Yesterday, I snapped a photo of my earrings and fell asleep. The phone was in my hand and the television was on when I woke up about four hours later. Guess I was pretty tired last night. Where did all my energy go? I'm eating better, weighing less, exercising, and taking vitamins and yet, I'm more tired than when I worked 10 - 12 hours a day, didn't eat good, weighed more, didn't exercise, and didn't take vitamins. Hmmmmmm what's wrong with this picture? Glad that I don't have two teenage daughters living at home like my mom did at this age. My mom even had my son every once in a while and he was a handful. Plus she was a diabetic.

This is a cute video, nothing fancy, just cute. I think the cows think the bulldog might be their calf...same coloring.

Today's earrings are my own again. I got this at a rock store in Viroqua, Wisconsin - Gary's Rock Shop. They have a rock and gem show coming up June 7 and 8. Hopefully my sister and I can get there this year. Love rocks! and love rocks!

These are so intricate so I had to buy them. They were made by a local Viroqua artist. Spiders aren't my thing but earrings sure are.

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