Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28 - Funny Cat Video and then the Scapegoat

Little humor tonight. Think it's time to video Bobbi and Sparky together. Bobbi boxes Sparky all of the time and most of the time out of nowhere comes the paw. Sparky sits there and takes it while hanging his head. But as soon as Sparky hears a big dog, he's ready to take them on. Another thing about Bobbi is that like most cats she doesn't like a bath tub or running water. However, we have a ritual where she gets a bath by me wetting my hands and then rubbing it over her fur. Sometimes she gets soaking wet but don't get her near that water. The following video is a compilation of cat videos, most of which I haven't seen before.

Before "Tomorrowland" started, a commercial was played (remember going to the movie and there were no commercials?).  The commercial was pretty good even though both my sister and I forgot the next day what it was about. Tonight when I was looking at the cat videos, I remembered it was a Geico commercial. Very cute and you'll recognize the main character if you've seen other funny animal videos. Smart move Geico!

Today's earrings are another pair that I put together on Sunday. Think the weight of the bead was a little heavy for one of the threads because it kept moving to a lower length. Might have to rethink these and remake them. If that's the case, then two out of two earrings will be remade. Wonder how many more will have the same fate. Thank goodness it's easy to fix and I'll have new earrings again.

Pretty glass beads.

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