Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7 - MMMM Foods by Marc Matsumoto

While surfing tonight, I came across a recipe from Marc Matsumoto with a new way for me to cook chicken. Unreal, I would have never thought of this. Put chicken, skin side down, in a cold skillet. Place a pan with water or a heavy pan on top of the chicken. Slowly raise the temperature. Fry the chicken for 8 to 10 minutes. Then flip the chicken (of course, taking the other pan off of the chicken first - remember now we have to be direct otherwise someone might sue for trying to flip the chicken with the pan still on top of the chicken). Drain as much grease as you can and fry the other side. You'll have to look up the instructions but you get the gist of it. His recipe for this spicy chicken sounds terrific and I'll have to try it. It may not turn out to be spicy but maybe some snappy bbq sauce with it instead. Here's where you can find Marc

Like most of the Midwest, it's a stormy night. Kind of wondering if there will be flash floods since so much rain has come down. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a photo of the tree glistening with rain drops. It almost looks like ice on the tree. I love storms and especially sleeping while there's a storm going on. Instead of being sensible and doing that, I stayed up to watch the storm. Another one will be passing in a short while so I can always try to sleep during that one.

Today's earrings I've had for a while. I've always liked these because of the silver and the added gold. Very versatile earrings because you can wear them with almost anything. Now that I've looked at the photo, I want to wear them again soon.

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