Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9 - Romancing Life!

Being single and not dating for a while has made me miss the times spent with a male companion. Sometimes it's easy to feel sorry for yourself. Tonight, I thought there's got to be some decent advice online that will encourage me. You already know that I love life, live somewhat spontaneously, prefer road trips over museums, and nature offers the best photos. My arts help give life to me and I really need to get started on them instead of saying I'm going to start them again. It's kind of like saying I'm going to start exercising and then the equipment sits there (I am exercising at least 15 minutes a day but need to do more). Found a blog that I love. The writer is terrific and her advice fits with my beliefs What's funny is that I have romance in my life; it's just in a different format...I love life. If someone comes around who can tell stories, laugh heartily, and love life and has room for me in it, so be it. Until then my romance with my life continues to bring me joy and happiness. It's hard to ask for more.

The writer of the blog mentioned above is Betty Ming Liu. Her trademark is JournalArtist™ and because I'm interested in trademarks, I looked hers up She has the fuel to help fire me up and I'm looking forward to reading all of her blogs. Betty is a very inspirational person and one who I would love to meet in person. Every meet someone and become instant friends? I've had that happen a few times. Some people come into your life for a reason. This site has an excellent explanation why they come into your life Liking quotes the way I do, I think I found another source of quotes (an writings).

Betty Ming Liu, welcome into my life. We may never meet, chat, or even exchange words in any way. But you're part of my life now.

Today's earrings are kind of fun earrings. I think Donna would have liked them too. The earrings are kind of whimsical.

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