Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30 - First reader from South Africa and SA Curried Egg Recipe

Really cool to have someone from South Africa read my blog. Years ago, I met someone online from SA but then 9-11 happened and then things changed. However, the things that I learned such as the webcams at watering holes, the restaurants and their foods, etc. have been a part of my life since. Whenever there's a reader from a new country, I always look up an egg recipe. Think I'm going to try eating some eggs again and this sounds like the recipe that starts another new beginning. Funny thing was that earlier tonight I had my jar of curry in my hand and was thinking that curry sounded good. Thanks reader!!! Here's the site for the South African Curried Eggs which look easy to make and by the comments/ratings, well worth making

Working on jewelry last weekend with my sister-in-law got me thinking about my art and what my extra time should be spent on. Today, I started something new. Want to surprise my sister-in-law with it so I'm not sharing it with you yet (she reads my blog). Tonight my sister and I were talking about pinecone flowers. If you haven't seen them yet, it looks simple to do and fun with an ending that is enjoyable and beautiful. My sister will probably be making pinecone flowers soon.

Looking for videos on making pinecones led me from one site to another. Then I discovered this site Looks like I'll be buying some Borax. Usually I have it in the house but when I moved, it was thrown out. Never knew you could make your own geodes out of Borax. In high school chemistry, we made geodes but after all of these years, I'm clueless how we made them and think this is possibly how it was done. Besides making the geodes, there was a tutorial on making a cool pair of earrings that are very creative.

Going to spend some more time on my art project so this is it for tonight.

Today's earrings are my own again but not ones I made. These earrings are going to inspire some future earrings for me. I like the little seed beads in these along with the bigger bead which isn't very big. Nice aren't they!

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