Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5 - They knew this way back when

This is an article from "Modern Mechanix" March 1933. A man I know had this done about ten years or so ago. Makes me think we dropped the ball for many years. Saw the man about two weeks ago. He couldn't hear for so long and after using "bones" to hear, he can hear. Can you imagine what it was like to hear his grandchildren for the first time.

Before dvds, before vcr, before beta....Spinning Head Tapes January 1965

But before that Oct 1934 magnetic Dictaphones

Finished off with an article published in October 1931 about a reward of $5,000 to the person who could prove Earth is not a sphere

 There's a saying that I hate and it goes like this "no good deed goes unpunished" and it's applicable for the police officer who is suing Starbucks for the free cup of coffee he received when his cup collapsed and spilled on him. Take responsibility for yourself. Buck up and face the facts. It's a paper cup. Now we'll have to read "This coffee is hot." and "This is a paper cup and may collapse." Guess his lid came off the cup. That's why I always check my coffee cups (and in the past soda lids). What a waste of court money and time people have to spend on someone's neglect (the police officer). I sure hope Starbuck or its lawyers don't buckle under and pay this guy off; and if it goes all the way, I hope Starbuck is the winner.  (Should have reread the paragraph I wrote but again, I'm tired tonight and it's not going to happen. At least I didn't fall asleep writing this.)

Another pair of my earrings - lots of little black beads that are put together. Really like them.

Went a little too far backward in time. The first time I posted this I used May 3 instead of May 5. Wonder what date I will use tomorrow.

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