Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Earring 0095 - Lithuania

These are not earrings from Donna that I am showing below. I wanted to check out Lithuania and am glad that I did. Always looking to discover things, I looked up earrings from Lithuania and came across this site: If I ever imagined how other earrings were made, these earrings far exceed my imagination. Going to try to post one pair that really caught eyes.
I can only imagine what they would look like on my ears. Good thing I have a good imagination because I can see me looking in the mirror and snapping a photo of them. How pretty and intricate.

Here's today's earrings. Just a simple pair of pink earrings with some faint lines in them. They went so well with my blouse that I might wear these again but only if I wear a different pair for the day first.

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