Friday, June 27, 2014

Earring 0118 - Comma

When I first saw these earrings, I thought of commas. They look nice on but all throughout the day, I thought about commas. I thought, I wonder how many times I use commas. Then I started to ready the emails that I have written and there's a lot of commas. Punctuation and I get along pretty good so I'm not too worried about using too many commas. But don't these look like commas?

Today my sister and I were able to spend a few minutes down at the lake at lunch time watching the "herd" of ducklings. A family (of people) were trying to feed them but the ducks weren't interested and swam away. We had a lot of rain in the last 24 hours so our park has new ponds all over. Well, the kids waded through the pond after the ducks. Finally, one of the parents told the kids to leave the ducks along, that obviously they didn't want to be bothered. Ever felt like swimming away not to be bothered?

My sister and I shared some good memories this afternoon on the way home. We were able to do some traveling about 20 years ago. Time flies! I didn't realize that it was that long ago. At least we got to see some sites. Glad we did it when we could because now we can't afford it anymore. Maybe someday it we will be able to be traveling buddies again.

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