Sunday, June 22, 2014

Earring 0113 - Amazing

Earrings I've Worn to Date
That's a lot of earrings. Today, I went through them and chose which ones that I wanted to keep. Funny thing was that I wanted to keep most of them. Felt kind of selfish by my choice so I will look at it again later on. A few of these earrings will be worn a second time because my plan is to paint the earrings that are a single color like some of the button earrings.

Been really busy with my sprouts and kombucha. Taking a two-day break from making sprouts. It's not a lot of work but every day you have to rinse them twice a day. It probably takes only ten minutes a time but in the morning, that ten minutes is precious. I'm one of those people who gets up, takes a shower, feed and groom Bobbi, spending a few minutes in prayer, and then head out the door. Lately Bobbi and I have been sitting in the spare room where all of the sprouts and kombucha are. We sit there for about five to ten minutes and I use it as my prayer time. It's a good time to be thankful for being able to make the food and beverage and then I am thankful for my family, my health and the list goes on. I include a lot of people in my prayers and thoughts.

This morning I made a new gallon of green/black tea kombucha. Then I made two small batches of strawberry/green/black tea kombucha. Don't think that one is going to work because there was a extremely thin layer of oil floating on top of the tea. The scoby (mother) doesn't like oil. We'll see. I hope it works otherwise I will have to incorporate strawberries after the first fermentation.

There was enough green/black tea kombucha left from the starter so it got bottled in my grolsch bottles. Before it was bottled, I added organic grape juice to start the second fermentation. This is going to be interesting. There are five bottles of this stuff. For two days, it is in a closet and then goes into the fridge. What I tasted was pretty good.

My other batch of oolong tea kombucha has at least a couple more days to go. That batch is not going to get a second fermentation. I like how it tastes and it doesn't need more fizz.

Here's the earrings for the day

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