Thursday, June 26, 2014

Earring 0117- Thirsty Thursday

Tonight I am sipping on the bottle of grape kombucha that I made. Just like the directions said, it is fizzy. There's no vinegary taste and no tea taste. It tastes like really good grape soda or maybe a light grape wine. It is definitely bubbly but not over fizzy. Will give my sister a bottle for her to try and I look forward to hearing how she likes or dislikes it. My cup has been sitting for 15 minutes and you can still see the frothy, little bubbles on top. When I added the grape juice (organic) to the kombucha, it was about 20% or less grape juice. I may cut back a little on it next time to see how the flavor changes. So fun to do these little experiments and it's healthy to boot. Granted the grape juice contains its own sugars but it is still better than soda pop and the kombucha is healthy. Plus, I drink diet pop and there's nothing healthy in it at all.

The leaf earrings are black. I think I may paint some shades of green on it to enhance the earrings. Maybe even give it some shimmering color. The earrings are cute but I think they could be made cuter.

Until I got this new job, my sister and I eat down at the lake during our lunch break. We've been able to watch all of the geese and ducks with their new broods. There was one big brood of 13 ducks and only the female was around them. Then another brood of 7 ducks came along with only the female. It seems like the two females take turns caring for the ducklings. The first time we saw the 13 ducklings, they looked like they had just been hatched because they were pretty downy and yellow in color. Have to give the moms credit, they do a good job. These two groups have shown more independence from their mothers than other groups. Thought that was kind of interesting. My sister took the photos over the weekend.

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