Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Earring 0115 - Customer Service

Will have to try to retake this photo. These earrings are a pretty purple color, not blue and pink as shown. The photo on my cell phone looked pretty good. It's almost like something got lost in the translation.

Speaking about something getting lost in translation reminds me of customer service. Today, I received my new pants for my new job that I start tomorrow. Well, what I received was an incorrect color so back they go. When I thought about it, I got a little frustrated because this is the second time in one week that I am returning pants and the third time ordering pants. First wasn't right. Now the color wasn't right. During a "chat" session, the customer service agent gladly is letting me send the pants back and not charging me for return shipping because of the incorrect color. He told me to ask for free shipping when I place the reorder. I was more than pleased with the customer service and he went above what I expected.

Then came the phone call. You probably have had the same experience. I was thinking to myself that we probably try a lot of people's patience when dealing with them on the phone. Accents are all over the place nowadays. I have a Midwest US accent and have been told that Midwest accents are some of the easiest to understand. Now whether that is true or not, I couldn't tell you. The person who was placing my order had difficulty with either my accent or he couldn't hear me. Not sure if I will get the right size pants but am pretty sure that I will get free shipping. I just hope to get the right size pants in the right color. Will have to make due with the pants that I have for now.

While on the phone, I tried to place myself in the customer service's shoes and be understanding and patient. The agent probably deals with so many frustrated people each day that I didn't want to add to his work stress. Hopefully he felt okay and got the order correct. It's hard enough in life when someone is frustrated and then you don't understand them well enough. All we need is a little patience.
Aren't they prettier than the first photo? Just took a little patience to get it righ.

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