Monday, June 9, 2014

Earring 0100 - 100 days of earrings

This makes 100 days of wearing Donna's earrings. I think Donna would have liked me wearing her earrings and that the earrings have created a creative outlet. Usually, the earrings are posted every day but last night I took a catnap that turned into a good night of sleep. We had beautiful weather yesterday and it also makes good sleeping weather. After running around all day on Sunday, it was good to take a nap. Went with my brother for a four-hour ride. Saw several deer. There was a dead raccoon on one of the roads and he was going around it when a deer ran across the road. My brother is used to driving country roads and as a hunter, he knows the deer are out now because so many of the does are pregnant. My brother and I never run out of anything to talk about. You'd think we would since we're siblings but we can always bring up memories.

Almost forgot the other animal in the road. There was a huge snapping turtle alongside the road wanting to cross it. I was praying that he/she would go back. If I were to extend my arms and put my finger tips together, that would be the size of the turtle's shell. I would need one more of my hands in order to go around the turtle's neck. That should give you some idea on the size of the turtle.

My brother told me that several years ago he saw the largest snapping turtle he had ever seen. It was on the same road we were on only about ten miles north of there. He thought the turtle would have weighed about 200 pounds. My brother's eyes got big and you could tell he was excited to tell about the story. As he was telling me the story, it was just like I was there with him. Then he told me stories of turtles that they used to find while he and my brothers were fishing with mom and dad. Those were big turtles too (or was it because you know how much bigger things were when you were a kid?). Many of those turtles were soft-shelled turtles. I remember once while fishing about ten years ago catching a soft-shelled turtle. It was pretty neat but I hope it lived so someone else could tell another story about it.

Here's my kombucha and sprout seeding area

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