Sunday, June 29, 2014

Earring 0120 - Nothing

Donna looked good in everything she wore. Think she liked denim a lot because there are a lot of denim earrings. Some I can wear, some I can't, and some not for very long. These are a pair of the latter. They're cute but it makes me feel old wearing it. Kind of opposite of what it's suppose to do. Someone will be very happy with this set. The earrings are almost as big as the bracelet. Because of their weight, I decided to wear them only in the morning. So I decided to write my blog early too.

Nothing. That is kind of what I am going to do today. Think there's going to be a K-drama marathon at my apartment. Already got my shopping done and the rest of the errands I wanted to get done. Clothes are clean so there's no laundry to do. Dusting can wait. Today, I am going to relax and maybe later make some chicken.

When I was thinking about the word "nothing", the movie "Never Ending Story" came to mind. I have loved that movie since it came out in 1984. My son was 12 when we first saw it. It brings tears to my eyes while thinking about it. He cried in the movie. That was probably the only time I saw my son cry in a movie. I felt so bad for him and yet, it made me feel like he was well-rounded because he was showing emotion. My son probably wouldn't be too happy by me putting this tidbit in here about his reaction but that's life. I'm glad that he has turned out to be the man he has. Scary when it just seems like yesterday that he was 12.

In the movie, "Nothing" was taking over the land of Fantistica. It was startling to see what "Nothing" was able to do. There were so much underlying in this movie that kids didn't get so it became a movie for both kids and adults. The movie is based on the book of the same title written by Michel Ende. It is one of the books that I will be reading because the last half of the book is supposed to be so different than the first half, which the movie is from. By the way, this originally was written in German and first published in 1979. Made it to a movie relatively quickly!

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