Monday, June 23, 2014

Earring 0114 - Earrings Carry Throughout My Day

Decided today that I am an earring junkie. People come into my office and if they have a pair of earrings that gets my attention, I always tell them. When I go shopping, my first stop is at the jewelry counter to look at the earrings. One year for Christmas, I received a large jewelry armoire. You know what I have in it...easy answer, earrings. There is a few necklaces but pretty much it's all earrings. None of them are expensive earrings because that doesn't fit in my budget.

Yesterday, when I was going through the earrings that I've worn, I was trying to figure out which ones I would wear and which I wouldn't wear again. Then I started thinking that the earrings would have to have a home because the basket they are in is not conducive to finding pairs later when there will be over 500 pairs of earrings in it. Then I think, do I really need to keep 500 pairs of earrings. I don't want to be the Imeldo Marcus of earrings (she had 3000 pairs of shows). At least she had the home to keep them in. Wonder what ever happened to those shoes.

The other thing I'm a junkie on is Korean drama. I love Korean dramas and got hooked with the first one that I watched (Coffee Prince). Actually, it's embarrassing to see the number of Korean drama episodes that I've seen. keeps track of the number of episodes you watch. Think watching Korean drama is good because you learn a new culture and some language. The other thing is that I look at all of the actresses earrings that they wear. Most of my earrings don't come close to theirs. An actress might wear the same earrings for a few episodes but I've never seen a repeat of the earrings on any other shows. It could be that I don't pay enough attention and that they really don't have an unlimited supply of earrings. If you're interested, check out You can watch it free for a month without commercials.

My dramas have expanded to all Asian dramas now. I like the wholesomeness of them but then again, I don't watch the violent ones or paranormal shows either.

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