Saturday, June 14, 2014

Earring 0106 - Native American

Donna has many earrings with a theme I would call associated with Native American because of the use of "feathers" in them and silver. Found this site that sells authentically made Native American jewelry (someday I would like to own a piece) Along with this site is a blog that is interesting to read because it is from the same company. blog also does Native American jewelry repair and gives advice to people on their purchases from other places

"Native American" Look
I live in an area of hills and a lot of water. Native Americans were here until they were forced out of the area. When my ex used to go deer hunting in a party hunt, I used to tag along. I would sit in my blaze orange along a ridge (edge of hill) or sometimes between the cornfields and water. My experiences at these times were similar to those when I hold an old book and imagine who touched them and read them. While I was not blending into nature because of the orange color, I still could feel my surroundings. I could imagine Native Americans in the area from years ago. It would be like time stood still for me to experience this. There is a reverence with the land, water, and air that comes during times like these.

Once on top of a hill in a national park that is not far from here, I had that same experience. While walking on a path through the burial grounds, I placed myself back in time. I heard children laughing as they ran through the woods. In other areas, I heard low tones of sadness. In other areas, the air was so still and I could only hear my own breathing. Native Americans have left footprints for us to experience if we pause and listen.

On a side note, today I made a salad of leafy sprouts and the broccoli sprouts. Because of the size of the sprouts, dressing goes a long way and maybe less than a teaspoon is needed on a bowl of sprouts. I'm hooked on sprouts now. Seems like it's much easier to digest than lettuce too. Need to do a cost analysis but the digestive and enzyme boost will probably outweigh the costs which are probably only a little higher. Plus it's kind of neat to grow your own food like sprouts.

Tasted both of the kombucha batches this morning. Pleasantly surprised with the taste of the green/black tea mix. It's still a bit sweet but has started its fermentation. The "mother" on top is growing much faster than the black tea kombucha; just like they said it would. At first, my plan was to have the green/black tea kombucha sit an extra week. Don't know what I was thinking because it might become too vinegary if it sits for three weeks. So instead, the Oolong tea kombucha will be the one that sits longer. When I tasted it today, you could still taste the tea so it has a ways to go. The "mother" on top is slow growing.

WOW, a fast wind just blew through my apartment. Scared the living daylights out of me. You could hear it go through the apartment from one end and out the other. It was rather spooky.

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