Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Earring 0103 - Big Brothers

Today, I was thinking about my four brothers who were the first four born in our family. If you were to put all four of them in a row, you probably couldn't tell they were relate. My oldest brother was the tallest. The next was blonde. The next resembled my mom's family, and the last resembled my dad's family. My youngest brother and I look like we are family. My sister's hair color and mine are the My brothers always looked out for me and they still do. Guess big brothers will always be that way because I will always be their little sister (and our sister who is the youngest will always be the baby of the family and the brothers will look at her as their little sister. No matter how old we get, we will have the designation of little sister. It's heart-warming. and reassuring too.

I was also thinking about Big Brother since I've had so many hits on my blog by people in Russia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Not sure how other countries deal with Internet. Only know that it is easily accessible in the United States.

Reading a new book. The title is "Arena One: Slaverunner." It's about United States and a new civil war in which we do not do well. I could see one faction against another. The story is about the two major political parties, Democratic and Republican, and they can no longer see eye-to-eye in order to accomplish anything. Lately it seems like there is less bending on either side. The one thing about sci-fi books is that some things come true. I pray that "Arena One" never comes true.

Here's today's earing. You may be tired of me saying these are fun earrings or they're beautiful. Sometimes it's just what it is. These were light-weight earrings and beautiful. Had to take a trip today and had my windows rolled down. Because the wind was whipping my earrings around, I had to take them off. Didn't want to get whiplash from earrings!

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