Friday, June 6, 2014

Earring 0098 - Ukraine - Visit #2

I love to look at buildings especially old ones and contemporary ones. Check out Ukrainian architecture and you can probably tell why I like it.   Do not know much about Ukrainian history. However, the Cossacks come from the Ukraine. In high school, I read every romance novel our school had that had Cossacks in it, along with watch movies too. In my dreams, there was a Cossack. Now I think I better do some reading on their history to see if my love for them continues or not. More accurate history is being taught now, or so I believe - unless you read North Korean history books. There's probably many other countries that have twisted history and I know we are no better but hopefully we are getting better.

This morning the earring choice was quick but I dropped a bag of earrings twice. Both times the earrings came out of the bag. My cat had a good time and thought she needed to help me.

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