Monday, June 9, 2014

Earring 0101 - Classroom Instruction on What Not To Wear

 This is a cute earring but it is not one that I would wear. Even though it reminds me of Christmas, it would be too heavy to wear other than for a short time. I wonder if Donna could wear it for any length of time. It's an earring that shouts "This is a special holiday party!" Maybe sometime I would get brave enough to wear them for a couple of hours (probably less). They're about two inches in diameter so you can imagine how much they wear. The post is in the center of the back so it would really highlight your ear.

The earrings I planned to wear today didn't make it. First off, I took a pair that needed a new post. I grabbed an extra backing that I knew I could glue on at work. So going to work without earrings wasn't going to be a problem. Got to work early so that I could glue the back on, which I did and then let it dry for a few minutes. Went to put them on and realized that I didn't grab the backing that had a post on it. Can't believe that I glued the back on without the post. Go figure. The earrings are still at work and my job is now to find a backing for it, which I am sure Donna had extras of these. The earrings would have been perfect for my outfit today but I know I will be wearing it again and next time I will be wearing the earrings too.

Did a little research on Russia today. You could fit 1.8 United States in Russia. When you look at an overlay map of United States laid on top of Russia, it doesn't look like it's that much bigger but it is. Tried copying and pasting the overlay but you'll have to go to the website, which is only the overlay with no other information.

When I was thinking about Russia, I was thinking about my love of books. Can you imagine the books that are in Russia and who has had their hands on them! Remember, when I get a book, I imagine who has held the book and imagine about them and their lives. My books aren't very old. According to Wikipedia (, the oldest book is the Novgorod Codex, possibly dating back to the 10th Century. Think I am going to have to learn about Novgorod because Novgorod was also in my blog about old Russian jewelry. Here is a link about Velikiy Novgorod, an ancient Russian city where you can find the oldest Russian stone monument (Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Holy Wisdom of God)

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