Friday, June 13, 2014

Earring 0105 - Sparkling All That Is Missing Is the Bubbly


Keeping it simple today. I did not paint these earrings but could have. These came to me like this. Very pretty and what I liked was the paint on them was durable. Sometime paint comes off pretty easy. The base for the earrings is fabric.

My sister told me that she is designing some earring patterns. Very curious to see what they look like.

Years ago, I wanted to get into miniatures and have a dollhouse. It was something that never panned out. You can only have too many hobbies before you get burnt out on hobbies. So I choose not to continue or work towards it. When my sister and I took our painting classes was when painting miniatures got my attention. My intention is to paint miniatures on the earrings. We shall see.

This is a cool site on miniatures. His pieces are 1" scale. I love the vases.

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