Saturday, June 7, 2014

Earring 0099 - Russian Proverb "To a well to get water, without putting on gold earrings, do not go". (Bykov/Kuzmin)

That quote is from the following site which you can learn about early Russian jewelry:
It's very interesting to read. There is an example of the three-pendant earrings (1908-1917) at this site that whoever purchased them is very fortunate because they are a beautiful piece of art.
The site with the Russian jewelry has history to go with the jewelry. I like the section on wearing bells. There have been five visits from Russia on my blog. Thank you.

There's about three or four pair of what I would call spoon earrings in Donna's earring collection. All that is missing is the bowl of the spoon. Don't know if these were originally spoons and made into earrings or designed that way. Even though these earrings are pretty, they are not my "spoon" (cup) of tea.

Speaking about tea, today was a big day for my kombucha. Kombucha is fermented tea with a very, very low alcohol content. It contains a scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast - called mushroom, mother, etc - it's the starter), tea, and cane sugar. If you're interested in making it, the site that I used to get started on it (and constantly referring to) is Anyway, today was the day that I made two new batches of sweetened tea, drained a bottle of kombucha for use, split my scoby into two, which I placed in the sweetened tea. Now my goal is to have two batches going at the same time. One will be fermenting longer than the other. The teas used were Oolong and then a combination of green tea and hand-picked black tea. You're supposed to bottle the extra tea and/or put 20% juice with it and start the fermentation again. However, I really like how the tea tastes now so every day at least a cup of it will be drank. Nummy. My ex-sister-in-law Jo got me started on this adventure. Really grateful that her excitement over it carried me along the path. Thanks Jo.

Happy weekend.

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