Monday, June 16, 2014

Earring 0108 Bronze Look-a-Like

It's hard to tell but these earrings have a bronze-effect to them. They went well with my blouse which had black, tan, and a gold-like color in them. When I picked them out this morning, it reminded my of ancient times. So exploring became a good option for me tonight.

Ran across this site Some of the links take you to pages that display the beautiful treasures that were created in Ukraine. There are a pair of earrings at one of the links that were excavated from a site that would be a favorite pair of earrings if they were mine. The earrings dated back to 5 - 4 BC. Stunning earrings. This site reminded me of a museum that I've been to before and here is the link However, the museum does not have any jewelry.

The Castlerock Museum contains much of the personal collection of Gary Schlosstein who I would consider an arms/armor junkie. He ties everything into history so even if you don't like arms/armor, the historical aspect is fascinating. I have to admit that I set off their alarm a couple of times when I was taking photos!

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