Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 17 - Winter is on it's way...again

Going to be chilly outside. Thank goodness I don't have to be out in the wind and feeling those 30-40 degrees below zero temperatures (with wind chill). When we were kids sometimes the regular temperature was 30 below. We still waited for the school bus and had school. We were also healthier than a lot of kids now too. Could withstand illness and colds much better. Sometimes I wonder if all of those flu shots and immunizations are worth it. Schools would be missing half of the students but life went on. We got measles, chicken pox, etc. and made it through without any problems. What do you think?

Today's earrings came from a coworker. Don't know if you remember but on one of the blogs, I had shown a liquid silver necklace. My coworker inherited her mother's jewelry because her mother no longer wears jewelry. I was given liquid silver earrings. They are beautiful and ever so delicate. Felt great to wear them.

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