Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9 - First Indonesian Reader and Indonesian Egg Recipes

Have to admit that I probably am not going to make these eggs...well, maybe if I put the mixture on bread like I do my egg sandwiches. Chili sauce and eggs together seems like something I wouldn't eat but I would try it. My brother-in-law would eat all of it if I made it. Wonder if he's had this before.

Two recipes I found are:
Recipe - Sambal goreng telor - Eggs in red pepper sauce and  Telor balado - Eggs in spicy sauce. From what I can tell in Netland is Sambal goring telor is very popular. There are some beautiful pictures of the dish online.

Maybe the next time I go to Minneapolis, I'll have to find an Indonesian restaurant and sample some foods.

The site listed above is very interesting because it has a lot of information about Indonesia.

Today's earrings. These were pretty big hoops for me to be wearing but I wore them. They were comfortable. With Donna's long hair, she could easily wear larger earrings. My hair is in a bob and they stuck below my hair quite a ways.

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