Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 13 New Bed on the Way!

Tonight I ordered my new bed. Can't wait until I get it. My cat will be really happy too because my current bed is a twin bed and the new one is a full-size. Wonder how my cat is going to like the massage part of the bed. Either she'll like it or I'll have more room. Get the bed in two weeks and hopefully it will change my sleeping time, which isn't very much. So excited. Thinking that the sleep that I have coming will be the best sleep I've had in a few years. Time's ticking but I'm not wishing away my minutes; I'll patiently wait.

So many life changes are facing me now and I look forward for the next year to see how I change. Already, my eating habits have changed drastically. Now I have to get brave enough and get on my glider. Still thinking about a recumbent exercise bike. Pretty soon my living room will be an exercise room instead of a living room. That's not too bad though. It means stuff has to go again.

Tomorrow I will be wearing the last of the glass holders. Today's was another cute "pair" but I didn't use them to hold my glasses. Was so busy taking care of my computer problems, which did get fixed. Today's pin

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