Thursday, April 16, 2015

Apr 16 - Top 10 Most Breathtaking Colossal Statues - From Switzerland to China to...

Needed something to keep me awake a little longer tonight and did some searching on breathtaking sculptures and came up with this site

Of the top ten colossal sculpture, my favorites include the "Dying Lion of Lucerne", Switzerland; "The Appennine Colossal" Italy; 'Statue of Decabalus", Romania; "The Great Sphinx of Giza", Egypt; and "The Giant Maitreyia Buddha", China. Think my favorite is "The Apennine Colossal" because it is so imaginative, followed by "The Great Sphinx of Giza" because of its miraculous creating. Trust my, pyramids grab my attention too. Even though I'm not far from Mount Rushmore, I haven't seen it yet. Tried once when I was with my parents, tried a second time when coming back from a fishing trip in Montana, and the third time when we were on a "short" honeymoon.

Today was a pin day.

This cool pin could be worn as a pin and also as a pin closing the middle of a sweater to give the sweater a little extra punch.

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