Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apr 7 - NEVER AGAIN - Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for Fleas

Tonight, I am probably as miserable as my cat. Here I thought I was doing something right by preventing flea infestation on Bobbi. She's been running around like a mad cat. Hissing at me and I had to have my sister keep the dog away because I'm afraid Bobbi would kill him tonight. Now Bobbi is panting. My cheesecake will be done in a few minutes and then I will hold Bobbi until she feels better. After she started panting, I looked on internet and found - I'm not the only one. It saddens me that I trusted a well-known brand like Hartz to make my cat better and not worse. I'll never subject my cat to this ever again. Hopefully Bobbi will be okay. The vet said to wipe off as much as I could so I used a wet hand towel a couple of times for about 10 minutes each time. Bobbi is sitting next to me but has bitten me multiple times. It's like she's so miserable that she doesn't know what to do. Please God let Bobbi be okay.

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