Sunday, April 19, 2015

Apr 19 - Smoked Eggs and Lot of Nature Photots

Picked up some good smoked eggs, which I've never had before; they sure are good. I didn't like the jalapeno ones because I couldn't tell they were hot at all. Have you ever walked into a meat market that smoked their own meats? The smell is indescribable. Always have looked for the smoked meat that would give the same taste as the smell but haven't found it yet. Now I have...the smoked egg tastes exactly like the smell of the meat market. Pretty amazed at the flavor of the egg. Almost didn't buy it but a guy I know from where I live and just happened to be at the same meat market that's in another state told me to try them. Glad he suggested it before I left. They said the eggs make great deviled eggs. Maybe I'll get my smoker going outside and try to make them. Probably have to make smoked chicken too since that's one of my favorites.

Here's today's pin followed by photos from last weekend I forgot to upload.

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