Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apr 8 - Bobbi is okay and I'm relieved

What a night it was last night. For five out of six hours, Bobbi panted. Her heart was beating so fast and I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack. I slept most of the night in my chair with her on my lap or on the arm of the recliner. Every time either she or I shifted, she would bite me or at me. Glad that I had my sister keep Sparky in the bedroom because she would have killed him last night. About eight hours after giving Bobbi the "almost lethal" Hartz medication, Bobbi's heart started to slow down. I was able to move out of the chair without her attacking me. It was like she wanted me there but she couldn't control her actions. Never again will I subject an animal to the medicated flea liquid. It was so sad especially since I am the one who did that to her. When my sister's husband walked by, Bobbi didn't hiss at him. He kind of liked being hissed at this morning. It was a good sign.

Not much sleep happened last night so tonight it's early to bed.

Find the kitty in the photo - she's in the tree stand

Funny thing is that Bobbi is going to be 8 yrs old on May 1 and she never would use this spot until the other day (before the flea medication incident). I couldn't get her to go in it even when I tried making it a little more private.

Today's earrings (looked for yesterday's earrings but can't find the photo).

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