Friday, April 3, 2015

Apr 3 Swiss Colored Eggs Year-round; Baby Heron; Eagle Turns to Look at Us

A lot of people from Switzerland viewed my blog today. Wanted to find something different about Swiss eggs and I sure found it. In Switzerland, you can find brightly colored boiled eggs year-round in grocery stores. Plus they store them at room temperature, which surprised me (this I'll have to investigate some more). Also, I looked up rösti which is shredded potato pancakes without egg or flour. Often we would have potato pancakes and mom made them without egg and flour. That's probably something from my great-grandparents on my mom's grandmother/grandfather's side because they were Swiss. I have a cool photo of them that is very cherished. My great grandparents poised for this photo. They were quite elderly and both of them were stocky. The photo was taken by an older home and it looks like it's on the side of a hill (mountain?). We'd have potato pancakes with eggs or some of us would put applesauce on them. Yes, I know that this is also a German food but with my great grandparents being Swiss, I want to think the recipe was traditional from them. I wonder if our bean soup (green beans, potatoes, bacon, and lard rue) was also Swiss.

My sister and I did a short road trip - didn't go far but it took quite a while. We wanted to see eagles and saw a few of them. The photos are below and include a mom and dad heron with their baby. Note the one photo the mom has a fish in her mouth. We also got a photo of an eagle who was perched rather nicely. He got mad at us and flew off. As he was flying away, he turned to look at us. We don't think he was too happy. Another photo shows a tree that looks like it was twisted. Never saw anything like this before and have to ask someone probably at a university what the story is on the twisted trunk.

First here's today's earrings. Remember Donna loved Diamonique earrings.
Our fun day photos
Baby Heron

Dad & Mom

Mom with fish in mouth

Eagle turned head to glare at us


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