Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apr 14 - So hard to stay indoors!

My favorite season is fall, the next is spring, then winter (yes, winter), with summer the last. Think I like fall the best because of the temperatures and the changes in nature but the best is the smell of the air. Just thinking about it, I can imagine what it smells like. All them fall leaves! The eagles start migrating south towards the end of fall. What I like about spring is the temperature and the changes in nature. My sister and I are always on the look out for spring signs such as pussy willows, red winged blackbirds, eagles migrating north, and the first signs of green plants on the ground; can't forget the spring flowers which will be out in one or two weeks.. Winter is next because of the number of eagles that stay in the area. The number has increased a lot over the years and it's common to see quite a few eagles along with Mississippi River. I also like the changes in nature from the falling leaves to falling snow. The downfall to winter is icy sidewalks and streets. When it gets below 0 then I'm not such a happy camper. Not having a remote start on my car makes the mornings cold when its below zero. Summer is nice especially along the river. Because higher temperatures aren't my favorite thing, summer is my least favorite season. I do like be by the water in the summer no matter what the temperature is.

Today's earrings. Wouldn't these make excellent eyes for a snowman?

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