Friday, April 17, 2015

Apr 17 - Eggs - Science has finally caught up to many of us and realize eggs are healthy!

Finally, eggs are healthy again and now even coffee. In fact, eating more eggs with a raw salad is healthier than eating one egg with the salad. I knew that I was doing right before I read the article today. Science has so much to catch up to when it comes to ancient medicine, etc. I'm not talking about blood letting but I am talking about herbs and medical practices (yes, including cupping). Just sent my nephew a text because I'm pretty sure he uses Tui Na. Think he's said it many times but I never knew how it was spelled. Here's the update on eggs Funny thing is they never mentioned grapefruit in the salad but it looks like a large component of it. They did mention Chinese Wolfberries and that brought more exploring.

Chinese Wolfberries are only grown in certain parts of the world including China (Ningxia - now I have to learn what is an Autonomous  Region - know where they are located but don't know what AR means), Tibet, and Mongolia. Wonder if there's enough Chinese Wolfberries around for everyone to start eating. So this led me to explore Eu Yan Sang, a company who has blended different factors of natural health and wellness. Hopefully, I stated that correctly. I wish they had locations in United States like maybe at the Mall of America! They have a lot of different products and services. Think my favorite quote from the site is about soup (which we love to eat soup) "An ancient Chinese proverb says that a good doctor treats with food first and medicine second. Healing soups are a time-honored tradition to cure illnesses and rebalance the forces of yin and yang in the body." It goes on to say "Eating soup can help you reduce your wobbly bits," which makes total sense to me. Mom probably said the same thing.

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