Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apr 5 - Happy Easter

This week, I thought a lot of about Christ's dying for us and the betrayal of people who loved Him and who He loved. How forgiving He is. For the coming year, I am going to work more on forgiveness. I just hope that I'm not given lessons in forgiveness like I was given lessons of patience. Still in the process of working on forgiveness of pieces of my past.

Beautiful Easter and a glorious day. I was able to spend time with my sister-in-law (Donna's daughter) and brother and then later with my family here.

Here are photos of the day but first the earrings of the day

Yes, those are my new tennis. Getting ready for tomorrow.

Wisconsin = the land of huge power poles

These power poles go through wetlands :(

Poles are probably 40 to 50 ft apart - probably at least 2x taller than old ones.

Wisconsin's scenery is marred - Thanks Governor Walker for standing up for the people.

Bad shot of turkey

Immature eagle

Tried to get a shot like the power poles but didn't work - there were two more trees each with eagle in it. These are not by power poles. There were no eagles by the power poles. In the past, there were many eagles flying in the power pole area.

Three immature eagles - probably bathing and having fun.

Saw these two men on top of a bluff. Could barely see them. It was fun because I waved to them from my car and one of them waved both arms back to acknowledge my wave. The eagles were flying above their heads.

Kestrel in flight

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