Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apr 2 - Russia Trawler - the sinking of

The sinking of Dalny Vostock was really sad especially since the trawler sank in 15 minutes. That doesn't give someone much of a chance to save themselves. The amount of fishermen in the area that came to help was phenomenal. The comments were especially heart-felt. One comment that stuck in my mind is that when a fishing vessel goes down, the fellow fishermen do not stop to ask what nationality they were, they just help. This is the kind of trust that I like and wished we had more of it. My prayers go to the people involved in this including all of the families and friends. I am thankful for the rescuers and will keep them in my prayers.

I've been working on weight loss and exercise for some time now. Realizing that I stress eat was one of my major problems, it's something that I've been working on. However, sad to say, the last two weeks of computer problems have led me astray and I've done three days of stress eating. It doesn't feel good at all and is gives me a very defeated attitude, which is not one of my typical characteristics. There's still good things that have been happening the last couple of months. For Lent, I gave up buying diet soda for drinking pop at home. As of April 1, I took that one step further and am not drinking diet soda at lunch. Beginning May 1, I go cold turkey. Snuck in a diet soda between lunch and supper today - part of my stress eating. Have to change this habit and found an interesting article at the following site and it's a good read and seems to make good sense. At least tomorrow can start a new beginning...again.

Today's earrings would have really looked spiffy on Donna.

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