Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apr 30 - Cats, you have to love them

We're able to use our screened porch now the weather is nice. Bobbi needed a place to sit of her own and it wasn't going to be on the ledge so she could box her way out of the screen. She's a sneaky cat like my brother/sister-in-law's cat. If there's a way, they have the will. Got an inexpensive cat tree which I put together tonight. You probably guessed it already, she likes the box. She got as far as to put her front paws on the first landing. Guess that's a start. Thought I'd keep it in the house of a couple of days before I put it on the porch, just in case she won't use it. It's a little smaller than the one she is used to but it looks like it will be easier to jump on. In a way, I would rather keep the new one in my living room but I think the older one might be a little more comfortable for her. Now is this cat talk or is this human trying to think like a cat? Either way, she still rules the house. Just ask Sparky and he'll tell you.

Here's what I've been eating for lunch the last couple of weeks. The jars keep the salad fresh for a week and pop when you open them. At least it's colorful. I enjoyed making this salad the last time. That's scary.

The earrings I wore today are pretty special to me. In an almost 30-year marriage, it is the only jewelry my ex got me. Have had them for probably about 20 years and love the earrings. Maybe someday I'll have a great granddaughter who would like them. Then again, maybe my grandsons would like them.

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