Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apr 28 - Sri Lanka

First blog reader from Sri Lanka. What does that mean? Well, it puts a smile on my face and gets my sister and I all excited about the different countries that we've kind of been too. The reason I say that is because when you visit someone, you tell stories. I don't hear your story but you are hearing mine. Even if they've been boring for a while or I've become a little too aggressive against violence against one another. Isn't that an oxy moron? Haven't touched on oxy morons for quite a while.

Have to get this off my chest before I tell you about a Sri Lankan egg recipe I found. Baltimore....what the heck? All the rioting gone bad? One of the things I have never figured out is the looting of malls and liquor stores during riots. It doesn't accomplish anything but to make protestors look bad. With the police chief allowing the protestors to continue was an excellent choice on his part. I totally support him on that choice. That being said, did they wait to long to call in the National Guard. I'm thinking they did but if you were in the mayor's shoes, what would have been done differently? The 60s were so bad with riots and created fear amongst people. As a child, I thought that fear would never go away. In fact, I test that fear on an occasional basis by driving in places that some people would not go. Not challenging anyone except for me; I need those fears to rest. How do we work together to overcome all of this? What can I do in my little city to help?

Egg recipe from Sri Lanka. You know I like curry so when I saw this recipe, I knew it was for me. Some of the ingredients I don't have. In fact, I've never seen curry leaves (have to go to coop tomorrow to see if they have them). Never heard of pandanus leaf ( but will probably have to go to a larger city to find those leaves. Pretty sure our small local coop does not carry them. What intrigued me about these eggs is you peel them, then with the prongs of a fork, poke them and then deep fry them. Wow, I can see these at our State Fair right along with deep-fried pickles, etch. Mouth is watering. I don't deep fry so I might have to figure something else out. Check out the recipe.

The earrings below are my earrings. Have had them since I lived in Florida a few years back. Don't know if you know this but I have a flamingo collection. Think I started it to drive my ex crazy (while we were married). He hated pink flamingoes in people's yards. Here are my earrings

Tonight, I did not fall asleep writing the blog but I'm too tired to look at Sunday and Mondays blog. Maybe I'll have to leave them as reminders to myself that I'm not perfect. HAHAHAHA, like I need reminders....

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