Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apr 10 - a little late

Too tired to write last night. Went to bed early and got up way to early. Why did I get up so early? Woke up and played a video game on my smart phone...not smart. Found out why it's not something I should do anymore (another habit to break). "This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed" is an excellent video featuring Dr. Dan Siegel It's probably worse when you wake up in the middle of the night and use your cell phone. I should have known better but I still think it helps me get back to sleep quicker. When I wake up, here is what I wake up to and maybe is why I can fall back asleep quickly - such a wonderful place to be:

Another interesting article with a video is about an interaction between an octopus and a crab on land. Well, the octopus is on land too and then the crab is no longer on the land. I think it would have been pretty cool to actually have seen this but am glad for Internet so it can still be experienced.

Last but not least is an article about exotic animals being released into nature even though its not their natural habitat. Looks like Florida is going to have lots of problems with these critters. Sure wouldn't want one in my backyard.


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