Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apr 29 - Mixture of Norway and North Korea - No, nothing in common

Figured I better put "nothing in common" when I put Norway and North Korea in the post title. Norway being so advanced in technology surprised me. They are eliminating FM by the year 2017. My little mind can't wrap around the car radios we have now and the fact they aren't digital. But then again, are they? Maybe I get all my technology love from my Norwegian inheritance. My dad loved technology and science fiction. Think as a child my favorite magazine wasn't a children's magazine but "Mechanix Illustrated." is where you can find copies of the magazine and it's free! Think in the future, I'll be accessing the site as blog food for thought.

The reason I found out about Norway's FM is of other stories I was reading on North Korea posted on the Hollywood Reporter. Looks like there's a big splash in North Korea right now, a splash of "The Interview" movie. In a way, I'm kind of glad the South Korean police are trying to stop the movie drops. I'd rather see better movies dropped that would encourage North Koreans to take action and I'm not talking about the supporters of the North Korean government but the people who are struggling. But then again, maybe the 15 top people recently executive should have seen some movies about their country made in other countries. Let's turn a blind eye and see what happens.

Once you're at the web site above, you'll be able to see other stories on North Korea.

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