Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr 27 - When Your House Is Burning Down

Apologies - I haven't looked at yesterday's blog to correct any grammatical or spelling errors. Tired again tonight so there may be interesting spelling and grammar. Will try tomorrow night. At least I'm not going to put you asleep with May Pole Dances.

"When Your House Is Burning Down" is a comic by "The Oatmeal" and can be found at I thought to myself, boy this person is weird but I kept on reading. Something made me read until the end. You'll be happy if you read to the end. I'm grateful for the little things in my life.

May Day is coming up and I wonder if my son will leave a May Day basket at my door. Really I don't wonder but I wish I had an opportunity to have him give me another chance at accepting a May Day basket. Once your kids grow up, the little things from the past mean a lot.

Speaking of May Day, my sister and I were talking about it last week during our road trip. She got to do a lot of fun things in school. Don't know why but my class always missed out on everything. For instance, we didn't have a senior trip because the class before us got in trouble during their senior trip. Guess the school realized that the other classes shouldn't be punished so the class who graduated after us got to go on a school trip. They probably don't even do senior trips anymore so I guess I helped prepare for future generations - lol. On May Day, my sister's class got to do the May Pole Dance. Orignially I was going to post some video on the dance but they were pretty boring and almost put me to sleep. Maybe if was a video of my sister or son doing the dance, it would be a different story.

Today's earrings are another pair of mine. Been wearing Donna's earrings so long I forgot about my own. Kind of cool because the sun's glow is shining between my fingers - they are not on fire.

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