Friday, April 24, 2015

Apr 24 - Mom's Cooking; Red, Red Robbin...; and Donna's Earrings

I'm watching a show and one of the main actresses says to another person (not word for word) the following: I remember my mom, her face and her smell and those memories are fading. What I really remember about her is her food and the taste of her food. That is so true and I'm pretty sure my sibling would agree on that one. Sometimes I can see mom's face, other times it's like she has past by and I can smell her scent, but always I can see, smell, and taste the food she made. Wonder if you were to get a memory disorder if you would remember the food somehow too.

This robin was sitting outside the living room window. She definitely looks like she's ready to lay an egg.

Tomorrow a road trip of some kind is going to happen. Charging the camera's extra battery just in case it's needed. Can't wait to see more waterfowl. I know my sister would like to take a picture of a skunk since she's missed the opportunity once already.

Today's earring is one of Donna's. Been waiting to wear this one and it looked great with my black/white geometric shirt.

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