Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6 - Monday, Monday

Last day off before I have to return to work. Put a lot of miles on my car in the last few days. Today, I drove through Wisconsin. There are sure a lot of those large power poles being put up. According to one radio station, these gigantic poles are going to be put up between Black River Falls and Baraboo, Wisconsin. There is so much wetlands in that area it would be extremely difficult to believe that they are not going to harm the animals and plants, let alone the scenery. Often they try go off the beaten path and that's even worse because so often its near peoples' homes and farms. Just where I would want to live. Wonder how many people are going to get cancer from these. Sure, they now say that that is not true but in the future, it will be revealed.

Wore a pin today instead of new earrings.

Was going to make a couple different kinds of cheesecakes tonight to bring tomorrow to work. Will have to see how tomorrow goes. If it goes smoothly, maybe I'll make them tomorrow night; otherwise it won't happen until Sunday.

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