Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9 - Chatty Cathy and More

Earlier, I made a comment to my sister about me being a "chatty cathy" and on some things I am and clearly on other things, I'm not. If it's confidential, I am not a chatty cathy. Sometimes I get hyper and talk too much or too fast. At supper was one of those times. The chat was aided by a two cups of coffee and a glass of iced tea. My coffee is usually 5 parts water to 1 part coffee but one was just the opposite and that got me going.

When I was younger I wanted a "Chatty Cathy" doll but my parents couldn't afford it for me. My best girlfriend, whose parents had a lot of money, always had the most up-to-date dolls, including "Chatty Cathy." Every once in a while she would let me hold the doll and sometimes even let me pull the string. She was pretty controlling. This is the same friend that let me color in only "certain" coloring books. At least she let me hold the doll and pull the string sometimes, which I was more than happy to do.

Because of this friend, I was determined to have some dolls that were different. She had the first twist and turn Barbie. She also had the first Barbie that talked. I had one up on her though because I had a doll whose hair pulled up to get long when you pushed her belly button. It was a "Crissy" doll that I bought on the way back home from a vacation. We had been in Milwaukee and couldn't find the doll anywhere. We stopped at a giant store and there she was, my Crissy! Maybe mom and dad made that extra stop to keep me quiet, which probably was the case, but they stopped. I know for a fact that I never told my parents how much that meant to me. They probably didn't know how my friend "tortured" me because she always had the best. Sad thing is that I can't tell my parents anymore the impact that that doll purchase had.

Here's information on Barbie Dolls and some earlier commercials that influenced the us in the 60-70s. - Twist 'N Turn Barbie btw I did not get to trade in a doll to get this one.

Today's earrings are another pair of backup earrings

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