Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3 - Worms has lots of interesting videos and photos. Tonight one really got my attention. It was about the worms that were displaced because of the flooding. There were piles of worms on the road after the flood waters subsided. It was interesting because the worm piles were in a line in the middle of the road.

With the Chinese cruise ship sinking, it makes me wonder how the captain and engineer were able to be one of the 14 survivors out of over 400 people. Yes, I realize that they see the action happening and can jump ship. Also, it sounded like it happened so fast that it was hard to react. Still I would not want to be a captain of a ship that I'm still alive and so many others lost their lives. It would be very hard to live with something like that. Another heartbreaking accident involving so many people.

This brought to mind that the same thing could happen on the St. Croix River and the Mississippi River. It's common to have cruise ships with large numbers of people on board. There were spots in the St. Croix River that were 90 feet deep. The Chinese cruise ship sank in 50 feet of water. The one big difference is that the rivers aren't as wide as the Yangtze River; the river ranges from 10 miles to 55 miles wide at points. The Mississippi River is at its widest point in Minnesota and is only 11 miles wide. That's a huge difference! Where the Chinese tour ship overturned, a couple of the people swam two miles to shore. They were the fortunate ones.

Today's earrings were made by me using the paper beads I made the other day. Because they're very light weight, they were comfortable to wear.

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