Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 - Earring Making

Thought a lot about making earrings. A person that I showed them to wanted to buy a couple of pairs of them. Needless to say, I gave them to her. It makes me think that I could sell them but I want to keep this as a hobby. Usually when I start to sell things I make, it becomes work and I get sick of it. Right now I enjoy making the paper and fabric beads but will I if I start selling them. It would be nice to recoup some of my expenses, after all, I really don't want to wear all of them. But then again...I could wear all of them and then donate them. My parish is always looking for used jewelry to sell. I could wear the ones I want, and donate them along with the pairs I don't wear. Kind of liking this idea.

Was listening to a radio station whose theme for 90 minutes was lightening. Their conversations led me to the New Mexico Tech Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research. Thought their website would be pretty cool but was very disappointed with it - lack of photos and lack of past webcam lightening activity. Couldn't believe their photos were two years old. The one thing nice on the site is an out-of-print book entitled "Storms Above the Desert" by Joe Chew and it might be something that I will "chew" on at a later date.

China is going to take the world by a storm by starting a China-led international bank. China is number 2 in the world's largest economy, with United States as number 1 and Japan as number 3. What scares me is that what if countries make all this investment into the international bank and China reneges on their contracts. China has had many years of turbulence and is not a democratic country. I don't think I would trust a country that doesn't trust its own people to make their own decisions. However, it does seem like China is changing how business is being done. Still, I have a sense of foreboding on this. Ironically, their banking terms are in US dollars and their contract language is in English. Why isn't it in Chinese money and in Chinese? Granted the US dollar and English are pretty standard universally but why aren't they promoting their own. If it smells bad, chances are it is bad. Granted, if it wasn't a communistic country, I would probably feel more comfortable about the new banking adventure. I see repercussions coming and in the end, it is not just the countries who have signed contracts that will be having problems, the trickle down will be even worse.

Today's earrings are a pair of earrings I made with paper beads. Like the "Asian" look of the earrings.

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