Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24 - Arnold Schwarzenegger -

Gee, his biggest failure is his marriage but I can't believe he said he had to "make the best of it." To top it off, he used his marriage counselor as the cause for his ultimate divorce. I've been to marriage counseling and learned a lot about myself. Maybe that is what his problem was, he didn't want to learn about himself. I'm far from perfect and anytime I can make advances in making me a better person, I try my hardest even if it's something I don't like.

Having lots of computer problems and can't even watch much of my Asian shows. Bummer. Think my computer is getting old and tired and like me, wants to retire. Well, it's not going to happen yet. Keep trying different things so my streaming doesn't keep quitting on me. Usually I use IE but tried both Mozilla and Chrome but had the same problems. Some people I know like to blame IE as fast as they can but in this case, it's not IE.

Today's earrings are from Donna. These felt fantastic in my ears and it was probably because they were possibly sterling silver. I do know that I have to polish them because there are a few spots on them but wore them anyway. They were so light-weight that I forgot that I had them on and frequently checked to see if they were still hanging.

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