Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12 Mom and Dad's Anniversary

Today would have been my parents' anniversary. Dad would be 108 years old and mom 97. They were married in 1940 so this would have been their 75th anniversary. I know others who have celebrated their 75th anniversary. We were lucky that they were able to celebrate their 45 anniversary. Two of my siblings will be able to celebrate their 40th anniversary in the future and I'm hoping we have a heck of a 50th celebration with them too. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

My crown fell out tonight. What's bad is that it's Friday night and no one has Saturday dental hours. Popped it back into place but it doesn't feel quite right. This crown is only three years old and is my newest crown. Other crowns in my mouth are having 10 to 15 year anniversaries. Maybe those crowns made in the dentist office aren't quite as good as those that our sent out. Going to have to find a new dentist. Loved the dentist I had but couldn't stand his hygienist. Last time I was there she told me that I had to have something done because the dentist said so. Caught her off guard when I said "no" and that I wasn't going to have it done. She said if he says it needs to be done you have to do it. Haven't been back since. Guess I won that one. Nothing is done to me medically unless I want it done. Been the boss of my own body for many years and stand up for what I want and what I don't want. Just because a doctor/dentist says you need something, a person needs to weigh their options and choose what is best for them, not what is best for the doctor/dentist.

Long week, short nights, and think it's going to be a fast weekend too.

Today's earrings are my own that were inexpensive but they have an expensive look to them.

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